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Running and growing any business is a constant challenge.  When you add the complexities of solar systems into the mix, the word "challenge" can take on new meaning. Whether its acquiring qualified leads, bidding on and winning contracts based on sound financial projections, keeping up with product innovations, overcoming technical hurdles, or dealing with government regulations, tax policies and incentives, there are always barriers and inefficiencies to overcome.

Helping you clear those hurdles with ease, or even avoiding them altogether, is what SolarNexus is about.  Simply put, we help you sell, configure and install solar systems more quickly, with fewer resources and at greater profit. If you are using printed forms, Excel spreadsheets, or even software that only helps you with certain tasks during a project, SolarNexus will have an immediate impact on your business. Our software significantly reduces duplication of effort, mistakes made due to lack of information, re-keying of customer and system information, and delays in generating proposals, ordering parts, obtaining permits and processing incentives.


SolarNexus Benefits

SolarNexus delivers a number of benefits to solar system installers and dealers throughout the lifecycle of a project. We help you:

  • Generate more revenue from solar projects

    • SolarNexus breaks down communication barriers between vendors, installers and customers, enabling the sale and completion of more projects
    • SolarNexus increases sales capacity through efficient automation of onerous tasks, giving installers the margin flexibility to price more competitively
    • By simplifying and wholly automating the process of generating proposals, you can be the first to place a a competitive bid in front of prospects, increasing your chances of winning the business
    • Centralize management of labor, materials, and pricing with an online Company Catalog that ensures pricing consistency across the sales team and gives you more control over materials margins and availability.


  • Complete solar installations more quickly

    • SolarNexus eliminates manual and repetitive tasks such as recording customer information in different formats at various phases of a project
    • Your employees can now collaborate online on projects with each other and with partners and customers, eliminating redundancies, mistakes,and costly delays in obtaining critical project information


  • Deploy solar systems more cost-effectively

    • SolarNexus provides tools, supplier integrations, and workflow management functionality, reducing the resources you need to sell, administer and complete projects, and provide customer service
    • All project and customer information is centrally accessible online, reducing the need to install, maintain and secure multiple software packages on individual computers


  • Gain competitive advantage with a solution designed specifically for the solar industry

    • Stand apart from the crowd with customizable proposal templates that professionally carry your branding and allow you to present information in a distinctive way
    • SolarNexus was developed by solar industry veterans and provides all the capabilities you'll need to engage with customers and complete projects successfully
    • SolarNexus captures and understands the intricacies of solar projects and the roles and needs of personnel throughout the value chain