SolarNexus Lead Manager

SolarNexus Lead Manager

Capture, qualify & manage leads, and easily record vital site survey data in one place - for free!


Looking for a way to keep all of your sales contacts in one place?

Use SolarNexus Lead Manager as a free way to keep all of your prospective client data in an easy-to-track system. Organize all of your leads to make sure you’re keeping your best opportunities moving forward. You can also easily order equipment and services from a wide range of suppliers.

And if you ever decide to upgrade your account to any other edition, all of your project information will be available to all users on your account, allowing you to easily assign leads to sales representatives and share your sales progress.

Key Features:

  • Easily capture critical customer data with simple pull-downs, checkboxes and text fields
  • Quickly sort your contacts and see which ones require follow-up
  • Track progress of prospects through the sale